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Tom Woolfolk, Realtor®
Keller Williams
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6806 Paragon Place 
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My Story

I began my career as a Realtor® in 2009.  It was definitely not a good time to begin in this field.  After years of ever-spiraling prices and demand, the mortgage meltdown was in full swing with no signsof letting up.  Prices were dropping, listings were lanquishing on the market, foreclosures were flooding the Multiple Listing Services, and buyers were staying home.  The conditions for success were difficult.

Still, there were opportunities for helping people with their housing needs.  There are many details, deadlines and what-if's in a sales transaction that, if not properly managed, can cost sellers lots of money or even cause the entire deal to fall apart.  If this happens at the last minute, it is especially frustrating.  I learned that taking charge of each transaction, just as I used to manage teams of engineers on contract negotiations on development projects, provided the best chance of success.  Correct marketing, contract negotiation and attention to the transactional details are what my clients need and deserve.  Being aware of what can go wrong and then working to ensure that it doesn't is the promise under which I work.

Selling homes is a process.  Each one is different, but certain fundamentals apply.  These are knowledge of the process, intimate understanding of the intricate details involved, knowing the service providers who can assist when needed, networking with fellow agents to bring buyers, overcoming the barriers that crop up along the way, and never losing sight of my clients' ultimate goal.

I have worked with wonderful people in Charlottesville and the surrounding counties.  I like working with my clients and the people that they introduce to me for help with their real estate needs.

I have been an active member of the Orange County Chamber of Commerce for many years and have served on the Board of Directors in various capacities.  I also serve on the Orange County Habitat for Humanity board and assist with finding and developing affordable housing for qualified families. I currently serve on the Board of Directors of the Charlottesville Area Association of Realtors.