“I was really impressed by Tom’s methodical approach to identifying the best sale price for our home.  His process showed us the local market from several different perspectives.  He came prepared with several analysis documents of the market, and these gave us real insight into what we could sell our home for and how fast.  And he was right.  We sold our home in 35 days in the dead of winter.  Would highly recommend him on this alone.  He is very candid and open.  We were very pleased with his responsiveness and negotiating skills which helped us get past obstacles and get the home sold.”

B. Neiman
Bumpass, Virginia

“Tom Woolfolk sold our house in three days.  He is very knowledgeable in the real estate markets and will work diligently with a buyer or seller in getting the right fit for both.  We would definitely use Tom Woolfolk as our agent should we decide to buy another home.”

E. Weis
Goochland, Virginia

“Selling your home is an emotional time for everyone.  Tom understands the emotion ad the stress that comes with this decision.  When you select an agent, you want someone that can overlook the emotional comments that are made, guide you gently in the right direction, and take all the work off your shoulders.

Our decision to sell came with multiple emotions and goals.  Tom took the time to listen, helped us make the decisions that were difficult, and made a point to be there for us in every aspect of the journey of offering our home to a new family.  He helped us get the house ready to show…the ‘de-clutter’ process, then kept the house in the forefront with various listings, open houses for agents, and advertising every way you could think of.  He was candid with us and shared both the good comments and the negative.  He helped us sort through the important and not so important, which in turn kept us positive through the entire selling process.

Thanks to Tom’s efforts, we had constant traffic in our home, and we are thrilled with the end result of the sale.  A price that we could live with, abuyer that wants to make our home of over 20 years their home, and a happy heart that we can now move toward the goal we have that prompted us to sell.

L. Knick
Barboursville, Virginia

“Again, Tom, thank you for being a great realtor and a fabulous friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Hope to see you again soon when I visit again!!

B. Page
Pooler, Georgia